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5 Best Swimming Goggles For Student Athletes in 2023

As a collegiate swimmer, I have used many different goggles. I had goggles for many reasons. For racing, training or just for fun in the sea. 

Goggles have different functions for their specific use cases. Goggles specifically designed for racing can be hard to choose when you don’t know what you are looking for. I have created a short list of my top 5 best competitive swimming goggles on the market today in my personal preference. 

  1. Arena Cobra Ultra 

The first pair of competitive goggles on the list are the Arena Cobra Ultra. These goggles have been around for a few years. They have a sleek design that creates a low-profile fit. This can help with drag reduction, but it does mean that the lenses will be close to the swimmer’s eyes. The goggles have a peripheral vision as they are designed to wrap around the face. I am a big fan of these goggles for youth and senior competitive swimmers!

2. Speedo Speed Sockets

I have only tried these goggles recently, but they have been on the market for a few years. Many famous athletes have been using them as their go-to racing lenses. Like the Arena Cobra Ultra, they have a sleek design, but they are not as flush with the face and therefore create more room behind the lenses. Like most goggles in the space, they wrap around the swimmer’s face and create a very hydrodynamic look. Their design is optimal for great performance. 

3. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

These are the most common competitive swimming goggles you will see on the market today. They are made to be durable, hydrodynamic, and reliable. The Speedo vanquisher has been a staple in the swimming community for years. There are many reasons why. They come in different colours, and you can customize your goggles for any specific look. The goggles are very sleek and streamlined. I would recommend these goggles to any competitive swimmer. 

4. Arena Tracks Mirror

Like the Speedo Vanquisher, these goggles have been a staple for many swimmers. They are durable and can last you a few swimming seasons. They have a very simplistic design, perfect for any swimmer to dive into a race with confidence that they can win. They have a very minimal design. Which is hydrodynamic, durable and a peripheral vision to see when you overtake your competition. I cannot recommend these goggles enough, as they are a great fit for most competitive swimmers. 

5. Malmsten Swedish Goggles

I only started using the Malmsten Swedish goggles recently. They are different to the conventional goggles. There is a lack of cushioning around the sockets. When I started to use these goggles, I realised why people love them so much. They have peripheral vision and could last up to 10 years of swimming because there are no rubber sockets to break. If you can find the right fit, you will never go back. They are the cheapest goggles on the market at under £10!